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Agricultural services

In the early days of Kowala Agrotechnika, the provision of agricultural equipment services constituted our core business. Today, we continue to pay great attention to this particular segment.

We offer a comprehensive scope of agricultural equipment services.

Available services include:

  • cereals and corn harvesting with a combine harvester
  • straw harvesting with a round/square baler
  • seeding with grain precision drills
  • field works with tillage machines and ploughs
  • silage corn harvesting with a self-propelled chopper
  • haylage baling
  • beet harvesting with a beet harvester
  • manure spreading
  • lime spreading
  • spraying
  • grain pressing
  • transportation to/from the field, etc.


In all our operations we only use the best agricultural equipment by reputable manufacturers, operated by experienced operators. As a result, field works are completed professionally and on time. Our machines are regularly maintained by our mechanics, which guarantees quick response and uninterrupted operation without any downtime, which is extremely important for our customers during the high season.

Our services are also offered outside Poland.

Each year we handle approx. 11.000 hectares of land.

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