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Dragon 2001
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Dragon 2001 series machines are a response to the needs of those customers who want greater spreader capacity without switching to two-axle solutions. This is why Dragon 2001 was developed. In some ways, it is a fusion of the earlier Junior model with the biggest EV2000.


Dragon 2001 comes with two vertical beaters and 4 discs. A wider beater unit (2m) ensures even more efficient material spreading over the field. Dragon 2001 ensures spreading width from 12 to 16 meters for manure and from 10 to 14 meters for lime (actual spreading width depends on the type of the material). The box body, very similar to that in the Junior series, is more robust and its rear section is wider, thus making it possible to install beaters from the biggest Brochard machines.



Model Payload Capacity Silage capacity Tyres
2001-45 BG 9 t 10,00 m3 11,60 m3 23.1 R26
2001-50 BG 10 t 11,20 m3 13,00 m3 23.1 R26
2001-55 BG 12 t 12,50 m3 14,40 m3 23.1 R26
2001-60 BG 13 t 13,70 m3 15,80 m3 23.1 R26
2001-65 BG 14 t 14,60 m3 17,00 m3 23.1 R26


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