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High-performance MX forage and discharge wagons by KRONE with solid steel extension. With a capacity of up to 35m3 (DIN 11741), these wagons offer not only high output and low power requirement, but also a variety of uses. Fixed, solid steel extension, free of any tubular brackets or ropes, makes MX wagons a perfect choice for customers looking for a forage and discharge wagon for commercial applications.



Model Capacity Pick-up width No. of knives Power requirement
MX 320 GL 31 m3 1,90 m 41 120 HP
MX 320 GD 31 m3 1,90 m 41 120 HP
MX 350 GL 35 m3 1,90 m 41 125 HP
MX 350 GD 35 m3 1,90 m 41 125 HP


  • GL - without discharge rollers
  • GD - with discharge rollers
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